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Life Skills for Teens - Life skills are vital among today's youth! From check writing to properly washing clothes, this class covers many essential life skills. Your child is sure to learn some of the basic but necessary skills to mature into young adults. Sign up for the next class starting soon!

Premarital Classes & Workshops - Are you engaged to be married? Want a good start?  You will learn important skills such as communication, finance, parenting, conflict resolution, and adjusting to married life.  These lessons are offered as tailored classes for couples or in a group workshop.

Marriage Tune-Up - How’s your love tank?  Do you know your spouse’s love language?  Just as you tune-up your car, you must tune your marriage.  Come and learn how to oil and fuel your love life!  The Marriage Tune-Up workshop is offered once a quarter.  Call now to sign up for our next workshop.

Communication -  Healthy communication is vital to all relationships! Whether you are trying to communicate with a spouse, child, or co-worker this class/workshop is for you!  Instruction focuses on both the talker and listener - equipping attendees with skills such as understanding body language, delivery, tone, and providing a safe environment for effective communication. 

Anger Management Program                  

An eight-week program for teenagers 13-18; learn relaxation techniques, self- control, how to be angry but without sin; this is a program where a certificate is awarded at completion.

Blended Families - Are you in a blended family?  Would you like to learn more about how relationships and co-parenting play a vital role in your family?  Come to the Blended Families workshop and get the answers to these questions.  Learn how to communicate more effectively with step- parents and step-children.

Deployment With God - Is there a military member in your family?  Do you know how to survive a deployment when you are left behind?  Come and learn how to maintain a positive relationship with your loved one while he or she is away.  This workshop is for the entire family.  Join with others experiencing similar emotions and concerns.  Learn ways to keep the family together while apart.

Teen Dating & Etiquette Group - This class teaches the skills needed to be successful as teens mature into young adults.   Learn how to be chivalrous all while using the correct utensils when out to eat on a date.  This is a six-week course which concludes with an outing at an upscale restaurant.  This program will fill up fast so sign up early!